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Selasa, 25 Desember 2012

Menu Tav Keren By psdGraphics1

Faradina Fazira | 02.03 |

Resolution: 950×50 px
Size: 135 KB
Format: PSD
Color theme: purple, pink, gray, white, blue, yellow, green
Keywords: simple css menu, horizontal css menu, html menu styles, professional menus for your site
Author: PSD Graphics
How to add it to your page:
1. Copy “navigation” DIV and paste in the body of your HTML page.
2. Copy CSS lines from style.css and paste in the CSS file of your page.
3. Move images to your /images folder.
Download HTML & CSS files:
css navigation
Green stars CSS navigation
Purple CSS navigation
Orange halftone CSS navigation
Blue waves CSS navigation
Rainbow colors CSS navigation
Gray grunge CSS navigation
Yellow abstract CSS navigation
Blue abstract CSS navigation

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