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Selasa, 25 Desember 2012

Menu Tav Keren By psdGraphics 2

Faradina Fazira | 02.04 |

Resolution: 950×50 px
Full size – JPG preview: Web navigations set
Size: 250 KB
Format: PSD, HTML and CSS
Color theme: blue, black, red, orange, green, white, yellow
Keywords: internet navigation menu, colorful web navigations, download HTML and CSS web navigation templates, CSS menu examples
Author: PSD Graphics
How to add it to your page:
1. Copy “navigation” DIV and paste inside the body of your HTML page.
2. Copy CSS lines from style.css and paste in your CSS file.
3. Move images to your /images folder.
html css web navigation
Download HTML & CSS files:
Abstract blue css web menu
White snowflakes css web menu
Black grunge css web menu
Yellow sparkles css web menu
Light blue css web menu
Green clouds css web menu
Red dots css web menu
Abstract orange css web menu
Download Photoshop PSD source:

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