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Minggu, 23 Desember 2012

Header Beautifull Queen

Faradina Fazira | 18.04 |
Hy Gais! Here Me :d I wanna give yours a header again! wanna! lets see ;p remember these header have width liked my blog it is 940 px

#i edit the header by: adobe ps cs
#doodles i get by these [one]
#font beautifull queen: baby kurfy
#font the pict of crown: cute tumblr font
#corak/pattern text i get by these [one]
#all quotes is by my ideas[dina]

  • click the image to see the original image
  • for anyone who does not know how to put a header on the blog you can click the [one]
  • here they are! let's see 

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